Organización Mundial de Líderes de la Comunicación y de la Gestión de Noticias e Información Objetiva y Veraz, Cultural y Educativa. "TU PUNTO DE ENCUENTRO CON LA VERDAD"



Be faster, better and more complete medium in all its sections, areas globally, reaching where others fail completely virtual.  Satisfying the growing desire of the public to be well informed, besides providing education, culture, development at zero cost.  We are also a service to the media, and a media itself with the best of world events making effective dissemination of news relevant way.  We are a system of news gathering and distribution to social media or networks as geographical areas that are determined by the coverage area of each country that agency spread news of its geographical area of interest and world news of their own interest.

We have permanent delegations in each country as correspondents and freelance for the agency collecting information directly from a foreign country that lies the agency.  National Agencies collect and transmit information to the media of the country and international news obtain them from other agencies or media with which agreements have been signed so to penetrate foreign markets make us international agencies general information .

We are a WORLD PRESS AGENCY we have a network of correspondents agencies developed abroad and also offer clients outside their country with all the possibilities of dissemination of our services that cover most of the planet with wording responsible for receiving information, Editorial shaping and transmit them as soon as possible to other national agencies to ensure that these broadcast media through multiple information technology and communications, our mission is to lead and deliver timely and valuable content, relevant and impactful to our audiences, it generates value for our customers and users and consumers it to our shareholders and the general public for easy access at no cost.


Determine the development of the WORLD PRESS AGENCY decentralized and global stability in their autonomies and contracting services, advertising, sponsores or sponsors of the various services we provide in educational levels, leisure, etc.  In the hands of our strategic partners, with a well-prepared team, always looking for innovation in communications technology and information education and training as committed to customer service, which aims to be the company’s largest and globally successful digital signage networks creating interactive information among alternative media, with the aim of spreading their realities, proposals, projects, opinions, ideas, and transcending socially and join socially active projects, such as the proposal to create communication partnerships that allow social movements have a proper expression and differentiated media type, with democratically managed, as public spaces of communication media.  A commitment to democratization of communication and media, enabling all the world’s citizens their right to truthful information, and to the free expression of the service categories:

Associations, NGOs and movements
International cooperation
Citizens movement
Radios and correspondents
And public health
Social and unions

With services designed to meet the needs of:

– Institutions and business associations,

  – the media,

  – Companies and agricultural cooperatives,

  – the consumers

We offer professional solutions for companies:

  • Agencies company noticiasEstrategias
  • External agencies noticiasDepartamento Marketing
  • Public agencies noticiasRelaciones
  • Agencies noticiasComunicación
  • Agencies noticiasImagen
  • Agencies noticiasPublicidad
  • NoticiasCreación and development agencies Event
  • Agencies activities noticiasOrganización 
  • News agencies Media Relations 
  • News agencies News Agency

They are specialized in the design, organization and production of this type of communication actions by the experience of years in the field of communication; attending trade shows, conferences, presentations. We also develop information projects with the use of cutting-edge techniques to achieve maximum publicity.

Have an impeccable corporate image internationally recognized that identifies us in the market as a new model of Management of proven, highly qualified, widely competitive and able to provide the best answer to any question experience.


We are bearers of the profession / trade of Journalism, Communication Sciences and Related Professions. whose postulate THE TRUTH, THE PROVEN INFORMATION, respect, independence and neutrality OPINION.  Represented by its directors in their respective National Agencies with an organizational structure working to capture, process, edit and disseminate the news, education, training and much more in benefits for excellence human truthfully, guarantee verified information available in several languages.  

Summarising WORLD PRESS AGENCY grow:

Communication spherical
Obsessed with customer satisfaction
Fun at work
Creativity and innovation daily
Positive attitude
Proactivity: Action not reaction
Guidance to success
Passion for technology

Our services are diversified, from electronic services is continuing to demand services with general information or specialized content (Sports, economy, engine, sexuality, education, agro-food, fashion, food, beauty, …) and in all digital media.  Achievements, summarized in’ve known position ourselves with the support of the largest international agencies and be today in the world ranking among the top agencies in the world thanks to the use of the Castilian language because today more than 100 million people, read, hear or see every day conquered information collected by us as the spread over all social media of EFE.

Equally as Team Management of social motivations we are dedicated to the recovery and promotion of historical collections, journalistic origin, and training and specialization of the new generation of information professionals so we are committed to issues of utility tools. .

Being a family-owned company by 80% and the rest in shares of its managers with the characteristic of being a private and independent company 100% professional with no political ideology that has different divisions and sections based international services:

-Contribution: Through agreements to the effect of the news services of two of the world’s leading agencies

– Own Information

– Independence and professionalism

Our principles of independence and impartiality informative are the basis of our credibility and the information we distribute is made with our criteria are speed, objectivity, conciseness we issue to guarantee the accuracy and neutrality of reliable information.

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